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Crespo is a very popular and leading brand in camping furniture. A brand that was developed over 50 years ago in Spain. Since then, European camp sites can no longer be imagined without Crespo furniture. The quality in particular of the items produced in Spain features the Crespo brand. The range is composed so that a suitable chair is available for virtually every camper. By using the selection aid "Which chair suits you?" one can easily determine which chair is best, ergonomically seen.

The Crespo employees are constantly working on the development and improvement of camping equipment. For example, lots of innovative camping equipment was designed in the course of time, such as lightweight folding camping chairs, stable camping tables, sturdy camping cupboards, compact beach chairs and relaxing recliner chairs.

Crespo represents strong ergonomic products that can be taken along flat and compact when folded. The lightweight and weather-resistant materials are strong and durable and offer optimum comfort during prolonged use of Crespo furniture. To ensure quality, the camping equipment is regularly TÜV-approved under strict supervision. 

Crespo was named test winner several times by various independent organizations. With a Crespo article, you can enjoy carefree camping, on the beach or in your own garden.



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