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Extended warranty

Crespo is the number 1 manufacturer of luxurious camping chairs in Europe. Crespo offers a suitable chair  for every body type and for all different kind of camping holidays. The combination of beautiful design, ergonomic comfort and high-quality materials makes Crespo unique!

Crespo is an European brand of camping furniture and is TÜV approved. Crespo is known about its craftsmanship, comfort and quality. 

Extended Warranty  - How to?

1. Choose an item from the Crespo collection
2. Go to one of the 200 Crespo dealers in your area. Click here for a list of dealers.
3. Click on the right red button: 6 Year Warranty Extension 2020.
4. You can restore your extended warranty through the form.
5. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail?


Policies extended warranty:
The date on your sales receipt proves if your Crespo purchase took place in 2020. Each purchase (any warranty issue) can  be submitted only once. Your submission should be made before January 1st 2021 Crespo Benelux has the right to exclude submissions from participation  that do not meet the terms of the offer. If you give us your email address or other personal information, we will only use this information to send you our newsletter or to answer your questions. If you unsubscribe from our newsletter or if you don’t want to receive our newsletter your email address will be removed from our database.

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